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"The first step towards solving a problem is to admit that there is a problem. And Europe is confronted with a multitude of problems. Internally, it is affected by the largest and deepest crisis since the creation of the EU. Further integration has been slowed down considerably and the spectre of renationalising common policies is stronger and stronger. Moreover, the ‘cure’, through severe austerity, has created growing popular discontent, manifested in social and political instability. It also undermined solidarity among members, all that at a time when, externally, other power centres have begun to question Europe’s centrality in the international system. Challenges are accumulating around Europe and all we do is slash our defence budgets, accelerating a haemorrhage of power in favour of our competitors, at a time when the US is re-orienting itself towards Asia and the Pacific. The sombreness of the picture should not dishearten us even further, but determine a resolution to turn the tables and change course upwards again. For that, ‘austerity’ – which has reached its limits – should give way to ‘growth’ and I salute our leaders’ decision to make ‘growth’ their top priority."@en1

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