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"We have debated Europe’s future between these walls on numerous occasions. The problem is not that we are repeatedly putting this highly complex topic on the agenda, but that, as the French and Greek elections have demonstrated, we are not capable of outlining a vision with perspective for European citizens, and young people in particular. That is especially sad today, when we are celebrating Europe. But what are we actually celebrating when, in many cases, we do not defend European achievements resolutely enough, we do not agree on the European values once held in common, and we do not stand up for one another when real solidarity is needed? It is said that ‘true friends are revealed in times of trouble’. The crisis, unfortunately, has shown precisely that we are not on the right path, since exceptions are made for some, while others are repeatedly hauled over the coals. We commit ourselves in vain to the principles of higher employment levels, greater economic growth and lifelong learning when every fifth young person in Europe is unemployed and feels that their situation is hopeless. It appears that we framed the Fiscal Compact Treaty in vain if there are Member States that have not even signed it and Member States that wish to debate again the agreement that was reached through tough negotiations. It is really heart-rending that we are experiencing this today, 62 years after the establishment of the EU, but it may not be too late to realise that Europe needs a complete change of direction."@en1

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