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"Today, we celebrate Europe Day, a European integration project that began over 50 years ago, founded on a pact between sovereign nations that decided to share a common destiny and to exercise a growing part of their sovereignty together, a Europe founded on common values, which wants to ensure peace, security, human dignity, democracy, justice, solidarity, sustainable development and quality of life for its 500 million citizens. At a time when the crisis is confronting us with new challenges and difficulties, it is important to strengthen the common project, because nationalist illusions would only lead us to isolation and failure. On the contrary, we must strive even more for a genuine common voice, restore dignity to the principle of European solidarity, face up to the problem of population decline and, at the same time, the enormous growth in migratory pressures, tackle the economic crisis that still persists, increase levels of economic growth, ensure the sustainability of the European economy and strengthen the single currency, whilst reducing our high levels of unemployment, with a special focus on young people. The Europe we want to be proud of is one that puts people first, one that is not limited to the common market, a Europe of the citizens and of respect for human rights."@en1

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