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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I join in thanking the Commission and the Presidency of the Council, but this debate is especially timely and important because we are facing two unacceptable violations of the letter and the spirit of the Treaty of Lisbon. The violation of the letter – as many speakers have pointed out – is the European Union’s boycott on acceding to the European Convention on Human Rights, which is clearly set out in the Treaty of Lisbon and is a essential complement to the adoption of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The violation of the Treaty’s spirit, meanwhile, relates to the project currently under discussion in Brighton to amend the Convention, reducing citizens’ opportunities to appeal to an unacceptable extent. These are truly paradoxical proposals, not only because Protocol 14 has already significantly reformed the Court’s procedures, but also because, in more general terms, solving the problem of too many pending cases by reducing opportunities to appeal is like combating an epidemic by closing hospitals. The problem is not too many appeals, it is too many violations of rights in Europe and that is what governments should be worrying about. Parliament is therefore very concerned and highly vigilant. We think a reaction that prevents the kind of reforms under discussion in Brighton is of the utmost importance."@en1

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