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"Madam President, an obvious point about immigration is that people do not lightly uproot themselves and cross the world in order to settle in another country without having chosen that country with some care. The experience of countries which have run proper immigration policies is that new settlers are grateful and patriotic and happy to be there, which is why they came in the first place. The difficulty of a system which forces economic migrants into the category of claiming refugee status bogusly is that they begin the relationship with a new state on the basis of a lie. The experience of getting in under false pretences is bound to teach them to despise the authorities of the country in which they have arrived. It seems to me crazy at a time when we are admitting a certain amount of labour that we are doing so through a route which is based on falsehood on both sides, rather than having, as Canada, Australia, and a number of other countries do, a points-based system where people are chosen on the basis of their skills."@en1

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