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"I believe that greater stability and transparency in the business sector are particularly important in the context of a corporate governance framework for European companies. Naturally, in a time of crisis, every company gives priority to its financial results, as it wants to survive in a market that is becoming ever more challenging. Nevertheless, in my opinion, we should not forget about the human factor, as the effect of factors such as high social and ethical standards is to improve productivity in companies, and employees always wish to be associated with such standards. The introduction of the solutions proposed by the rapporteur could have a decisive impact on improving the companies operating in the European market. The proposals for the introduction of certain quality standards for company boards, even if this merely involves emphasising that members of the board should possess a wide and varied set of skills, and in particular competencies, will help companies to grow more effectively. In addition, the proposal to strengthen the role of shareholders in corporate operations by extending their area of influence could bring about a revolution in terms of the quality of corporate operations."@en1

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