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"I welcome the ongoing work on drafting the new constitution, which has to represent and protect the rights of all groups and minorities in Turkish society. Broadening the scope of the restoration of property rights to all non-Muslim communities since August 2011 is an encouraging development. It is equally important for the religious communities to obtain the status of a legal personality. I refer in particular to Aramean (Syriac) Christians who live mostly in the south-east of Turkey and represent one of the oldest cultures in that region. Owing to their very limited numbers, they are one of the most vulnerable ethnic and religious groups. They are exposed to assimilation by surrounding cultures; therefore, it is vital for Arameans to be able to freely teach their language in schools and to be granted officially the legal status of a minority group as suggested in Council of Europe Resolution 1704/2010. So far, the Arameans have been refused such a status, which could guarantee their cultural survival in the future. The legal ownership of the 4th Century St Gabriel’s Monastery and its surrounding lands, which is a major cultural treasure for all Turkey, should be secured and the monastery and lands protected in their entirety."@et1

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