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"Mr President, Commissioner, I am not against a low-emission economy based on modern technologies, but I am against a lack of common sense and a desire to ignore that the emperor has no clothes. According to the report published in World Energy Outlook, during the period up to 2050 over 50% of global energy will continue to be produced from coal. In this light, an independent European Union emission reduction policy, without energy alliances with the largest global users of coal, is doomed to failure. We cannot afford the closure of steel mills and factories that is taking place at an alarming rate in front of our eyes – what is known as ‘carbon leakage’ and the transfer of production to the Far East. This is quite simply hypocrisy. As, for the period until 2050, the European Union is the greatest advocate of low-carbon technology, why does it not allocate additional funds to research relating to the use of the most effective energy source, which is the sun, and to methods for transporting solar energy from outside the earth’s atmosphere and why does it not cease focusing on the least effective but very costly programme, which is the so-called renewable sources of energy? I am calling for balanced development, particularly in the area of emission reduction, so that the poor do not have to pay penalties for the emissions of the rich."@en1

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