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"I voted against the original resolution submitted by the ALDE, S&D, Verts/EFA and GUE/NGL Groups. The current hysterical witch hunt against Hungary is not acceptable. The European Commission has taken steps to resolve misunderstandings and questionable issues regarding the new constitution and Hungary has declared itself willing to fully cooperate on this matter. The EU is based on political agreements and treaties which lay down principles on how to behave in such situations. It is up to the European Commission to look into possible breaches of EU law. The European Parliament should not be made a tool of political rivalry and revenge after national elections have given a clear popular mandate to a certain political force. The resolution in its present form can only incite political extremism and cause internal political rifts within a Member State, turning Hungarian people against the EU. It will be in the interest of all EU citizens to demonstrate that the EU is adhering to its principles, including the avoidance of making politically motivated, prejudicial and premature conclusions."@et1

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