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"Mr President, the broad and comprehensive concept of human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights forces us to acknowledge that the EU is not in a position to give the rest of the world lessons in this area. Above all, it cannot do this because of what is happening within its own borders. The right to social security; the right to unemployment benefit; adequate pay for workers; equal pay for equal work; the right to food, clothing, housing and health care; the right to leisure; and the right to free education: all of these, and many others, are rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These rights are being jeopardised by the EU, primarily in its Treaties, which make some of them subject to the market and free competition, but, above all, because of the policies now in place in several countries. Human rights cannot be used as a weapon to attack those who pose an obstacle to ambitions of supremacy, when they are conveniently ignored domestically or in relation to saving friendly regimes. The US, Israel, NATO’s wars of aggression: there are too many examples, and they have, unfortunately, been repeating themselves over the years."@en1

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