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"Mr President, I welcome the statement on behalf of the High Representative. Indeed, the Human Rights Council will be an historic first, after the first ever UN resolution on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity was adopted last year. The Council will at last examine in depth the issue of human rights breaches of LGBT people across the world. We commend the excellent work of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, and hope this session’s panel will be open, frank and intelligent. Equally, we need to monitor developments in Zimbabwe and condemn the systemic and escalating violation of human rights in Zimbabwe under the Mugabe administration. In Belarus, the dictatorial regime needs to be brought to an end, the death penalty abolished, political prisoners released, and free and fair elections must take place. I also welcome the focus on discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS. It is crucial to remind people every day that HIV and AIDS is a disease and not a crime, and we must fight the stigma that people who live with this infection face every single day. Finally, I would like to say to the High Representative and the Commission that it is up to us to fight for human rights and to defend human rights defenders, whether we do so within our EU association agreements or the Cotonou Agreements. If we turn away from that which we can influence, we can hardly lecture the rest of the world."@en1

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