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"Mr President, thank you for your kind words. Indeed, I am delighted to make my maiden speech here in the European Parliament on the subject of human rights. The protection and the promotion of human rights are fundamental features of the European Union’s moral and legal framework. The EU needs to agree common positions so as to channel our collective voice in strong defence of human rights. In this regard, I welcome the Arab Spring, and I would condemn in the strongest possible terms the ongoing and appalling repression by the Syrian regime of its population, as described in the previous debate. As an incoming Member of the European Parliament’s Palestine Delegation, I am also particularly concerned about human rights violations in Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The EU must adopt a strong common position on the follow-up to the fact-finding mission to Gaza, and I call on Baroness Ashton to ensure that the recommendations of this mission are implemented in full, and to ensure that there is full accountability for all violations of international law, regardless of the alleged perpetrators. I want to welcome the inclusion of Burma as an EU priority for the 19th session of the UNHCR, and commend the work of the special rapporteur on human rights in Burma. I look forward to the transition to democracy in that country. If we are to challenge third countries on human rights, we must ensure that human rights are fully protected in our own domestic policies. EU Member States should lead by example, and, as has already been alluded to, we need to ratify all international human rights instruments that we have helped establish, particularly in relation to migrants in our own countries. Finally, I want to welcome the commitment to prioritising LGBT rights, and I wish the delegation from the European Parliament well with their mandate."@en1

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