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"Mr President, it is not a problem for me that you have given priority to the Vice-President, Mr Karas. We non-attached Members are used to being overlooked. Regardless of that, Mr President, because the EU Member States finance a large proportion of UN missions, we need to discuss whether it would be sensible to send a UN peacekeeping force into Syria. This will only make sense if there is a ceasefire and that really does not seem very likely. On the contrary, the conflict is threatening to spread. Our most important tasks are to provide humanitarian aid and to prepare for a further influx of refugees. Against the background of the current report from the UN Human Rights Council on Internet censorship, the EU needs to tackle the subject of freedom of expression on the Internet. The controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement clearly overshoots the mark. Data protection and fundamental rights are obviously being sacrificed in order to guarantee that the US entertainment industry continues to earn billions of dollars. This is totally unacceptable."@en1

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