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"Mr President, we have decided not to support the joint resolution of the European Parliament on this matter, not, however, because we disagree entirely with its substance, but because of its many shortcomings. Words aside, in our eyes, it errs too much on the side of ‘double standards’. We have tabled amendments to illustrate these shortcomings: however, I would like to focus on one of them. I have just come back from Turkey, from the Kurdish part of Turkey, and I would like to know for how long we are going to continue to remain silent on the deterioration of the democratic situation in this country, most particularly since 2009. More than 10 000 people have been remanded in custody in a year; more than 5 000 people in pre-trial detention for the KCK affair alone, including numerous elected BDP representatives and activists who are continuing to call for a peaceful and political solution to the Kurdish question, and also children from the age of 12, lawyers, journalists and human rights defenders. I was right there on Monday. There were more than 140 arrests, mainly of trade unionists and artists. Yesterday, there were more than 180. This cannot go on. The European Union must remain silent no longer. Mr Erdoğan’s double standards must stop. I sincerely hope that this question will be tackled at the Subcommittee on Human Rights."@en1

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