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"Mr President, Mr Søvndal, it is opportune that we are holding this debate straight after the debate on the situation in Syria. In the European Parliament resolution we are talking about at the moment, the Syrian situation is, in fact, one of the more important issues. I think the condemnation of China and Russia in the resolution for the position they have adopted on Syria is one of many good things which are worth supporting and which my political group also supports. It is also to be welcomed that this is the unequivocal position of the European Parliament on what is, indeed, a shocking matter. The second thing I would like to say is that you devoted a large part of your speech, Mr Søvndal, to explaining why Ms Ashton will not be present this time at the UN Human Rights Council. I deeply believe that those who accuse the European Union of not being interested in human rights issues will not use this absence as evidence which confirms this charge. I deeply believe it will be treated as you said, Mr Søvndal, as an absence necessitated by other official duties."@en1

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