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"Mr President, the ALDE Group is very pleased with the fact that the joint motion for a resolution on the 19th Session of the UN Human Rights Council has given the delegation of the European Parliament a mandate to address a wide range of human rights issues that have recently arisen very painfully. With regard to the key issues of Burma, North Korea, Syria, Libya and Iran, we would like to point out the role of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China in reaching a constructive resolution of several crises. We deplore the reluctance of the two non-democratic regimes to cooperate in the UN Security Council, in particular, by vetoing the adoption of the resolution on Syria. The hypocrisy of Mr Lavrov when calling for the stabilisation of the country is incredible. It is no secret that the Kremlin only wishes to maintain access to Tartus naval base, which has been staffed with Soviet or Russian military personnel since 1971 when the Soviet Union and Syria signed an agreement. The Cold War is over and we must set aside the neo-colonialist discourse of spheres of influence. That also applies to Beijing, which is increasingly suppressing the freedom of thought, conscience and religion in Tibet. This has led to an increasing number of self-immolations of both temporal and spiritual people in Tibet. The EU and its Member States must consistently pursue a meaningful dialogue with China on human rights and raise those issues on every possible occasion. Finally, I would like to stress the importance of combating discrimination on all grounds, also in the EU, including gender, race, nationality, age, sexual orientation and religion."@en1

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