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"Madam President, Commissioner, living in today’s globalised world, we have to provide particular support to the development of new technologies that enable more efficient communication and use of data flow. Currently, the European Union is actively participating in the innovation and technology race, which will determine who is the leader in the new, increasingly digital world. I, therefore, think that we should not slow down the work carried out on the second reading of the radio spectrum policy programme. The Polish Presidency made every effort to ensure implementation of the RSPP within the shortest timeframe, all the more so, since both the Commission and the Council favour the adoption of the document in its current form. The agreement that was reached through compromise - for example, the freeing up of the 800 MHz band for wireless broadband Internet services in all Member States by 1 January 2013, the increase of mobile communication to at least 30 Mbps by 2020, and the allocation of at least 1200 MHz of the spectrum to mobile data traffic by 2015, as well as the creation of an inventory with a very large scope of the existing use of spectrum from 400 MHz to 6 GHz - will pave the way for the European Union to take the global lead in wireless broadband communications services. The programme’s priority is to create a framework for the radio spectrum, which could help the European Union in reaching its key objective of access to high-speed Internet for all EU citizens. We should, therefore, remember that the effective use of data transfer by citizens and businesses is a challenge, but also an unquestionable step towards improved standards of education and work, and thus a guarantee of the development potential of future generations of Europeans."@en1

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