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"I believe that in the age of the global transmission of information, and especially of digitisation in its broadest sense, particular attention should be paid to protection of the rights of individuals and of their creations as regards so-called piracy. Special care must be taken to protect increasing creativity and innovation, along with new technological developments, in respect of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property is also the result of creative activity by ordinary individuals and entrepreneurs. In the broadest sense of the term it is not unusual for consumers to be involved too. Unrestricted access to the Internet, available to all, has resulted in a dramatic increase in the amount of counterfeiting, and also illegal use and trade in intellectual property, to the detriment of many sectors of the European Union’s economy. The right action is being taken. The creation of a special Internet platform for citizens, enterprises and public administrations making available essential data concerning the correct management of information in their possession is particularly important. Nonetheless, I feel we should guard against the certain danger of excessive interventionism. We must realise that it is not sensible to adopt legislation covering practically every sphere of activity. Furthermore, such action could severely restrict and be detrimental to that very creativity in the area of new intellectual property protected by law."@en1

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