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"I was shocked to hear that some of my colleagues think that Roma live in fear in Hungary and that they blame the Fidesz government for that. As the only Roma Member of the EP, I firmly reject such accusations and I would like to remind everyone that Fidesz was the only European party to send a Roma MEP to the European Parliament and three Roma representatives to the Hungarian Parliament. The government prioritised developing an EU-level strategy for Roma inclusion, the successful adoption of which was appreciated by the vast majority of this House. Prime Minister Orbán signed an unprecedented cooperation agreement with the National Roma Self-Government, presenting quantified and clear targets, and Hungary was the first to submit to the Commission its comprehensive national strategy for Roma inclusion. I was therefore astonished that some of my fellow MEPs stated without the slightest evidence that Hungarian Roma are afraid. There is of course a significant anti-Roma sentiment throughout Europe, but to blame it on a government that has been in office for less than two years is another example of the political misuse and abuse of the Roma issue, which I firmly reject."@hu2

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