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"I voted in favour of this resolution. EU needs to find a solution to the euro zone problems and to implement measures ensuring full fiscal discipline in the future. This can effectively only be done through Community Method and acknowledging the primacy of EU law. Only this will guarantee the credibility of the actions and tangible results. I reiterate the EP call to the Council that the agreement must be in conformity with EU law, in particular as regards the figures in the Stability and Growth Pact, following EU legal procedures and excluding any double standards. Democratic accountability must be guaranteed by strengthening the involvement of both the European Parliament and the national parliaments, at their respective levels, in all aspects of European economic coordination and governance. The most important concern is not to split the EU 27. The non-euro zone members need to participate in the meetings of 17. The other need is to avoid as much as possible creation of new institutions and mechanisms. The third challenge is to promote parallel to financial discipline closer convergence and stronger competitiveness."@et1

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