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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, it would be good if Ms Tymoshenko were not in prison and I could speak to her on the phone. Mr President, I would like to thank you and your predecessor and also the group chairs for the restraint that has been shown so far during the negotiations. It is obvious that some members of the Council have not taken a particularly friendly approach during all the phases. However, we have the impression, after the most recent session last Thursday and on the basis of what we have heard, that things could be moving in the right direction. Nevertheless, in the light of the previous period it is, of course, difficult for us to believe that this will be the case and, therefore, we are waiting for the next draft, which should be ready tomorrow. I would like to make it clear on behalf of my group and I believe also on behalf of the two Members who will be speaking next that this agreement is not our first choice. It would be better if everything had been included in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) from the start. My second point is that this agreement must not result in a divided Europe. For this reason, it must be drafted in such a way that the 26 countries that want to be involved can be involved. My third point is that the rights of the European Parliament and the European Union institutions must be protected and that any implementation which is transferred into legislation must follow the regulations of the TFEU and the ordinary legislative procedure, so that we do not end up with two legal bases within the European Union. Ladies and gentlemen, we must make it clear that austerity measures alone will not resolve the problems. Growth and structural change are needed as well. This is also the position of the European Parliament. Finally, I would like to say that we must follow the rules in Protocol 1 of the Treaty concerning cooperation between the national parliaments and the European Parliament. We have a joint obligation in this area which we must fulfil on the basis of common rules. As the agreement will rightly expire in five years at the latest and will be transferred into the TFEU – the position of the European Parliament on this has been accepted – we should ensure that there will be no new institutions which make this transfer process more difficult. The European Union institutions are the only valid ones. All the parties to the agreement which are in the euro, which want to join the euro and which will be joining the euro must be present at the Euro Summit. We do not want any divisions here. All 26 Member States must have the same rights. We want a unified Europe."@en1

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