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"In the well-prepared presidency programme there is almost no reference to the regional policy. True, several items in the programme have regional dimension. However, one expects a vision of the increasing role of the EU macro regional strategies, such as the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). The Polish presidency has been active on this issue and its input requires continuation. The EUSBSR is a unique opportunity to implement plans for stronger Europe, concretely in the Baltic Sea region which is a dynamic area and least affected by current euro crisis. We expect from the Danish presidency a clear agenda and better coordination of the EUSBSR projects presented by eight member states around the Baltic Sea. I welcome Danish emphasis on creating a genuine digital single market. To boost cross-border business making, especially in e-commerce, one has to reduce decisively legislative and administrative barriers. This is a must if the EU is serious about reviving its economies and restoring its competitiveness on global markets. Lastly, cyber security is not once mentioned in the Danish programme. One looks forward to concrete plans on strengthening cyber security which is still lagging dramatically behind the technical development of threats."@et1

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