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"Mr President, I would like to welcome Prime Minister Helle to this House. Helle, I sat next to you in committee for many years and I know how determined and fair you are. You have said that the economic crisis is central, but I know that you and your team came very early to this House in a very organised way to deal with the issue of values, to deal with the issues of justice and home affairs. You have not shied away from these very sensitive and difficult topics. All of our countries, including yours, have had very difficult times with these issues. What you have done is to address, rather than shy away from, what you call the building blocks of legislation, which are made in the House. As co-legislators, we want you to please maintain your attention as a Presidency on the difficult issues of Schengen – one of the core values and building blocks of this Community – the common asylum system and the victims package. These are building blocks, which, like the asylum and migration package, have been delayed for so long. We look to you, your Presidency and your team for an effective move on these things. Regarding the issue of Hungary, we want to see some volume from the Presidency, because we are a Community of values as well as a Community that wants to deal with the economic crisis, which is central."@en1

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