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". Madam President, the ‘Intelligent Energy – Europe’ programme is an excellent initiative, from a completely authentic source. So there can be no doubt about the fulfilment of the EU energy strategies, through which the competitiveness of the European Union will soar and soon put emerging countries behind it, and, perhaps later, the rest of the world as well. Naturally all this will be implemented in a completely sustainable way. The poor Chinese will be trembling at the knees when they look towards the unbelievable development in the European Union. Or wait a minute, if I take a better look, they are actually doubled over in laughter, and this is what makes their knees tremble. They do not understand how it is possible to bail water out of a sinking boat with a teaspoon, not even bothering to mend the hole first. Ladies and gentlemen, let us speak seriously for once. As an initial step we need to mend the broken backbone of the energy industry immediately, as I have said in my earlier speeches on several occasions. Once our ailing energy industry, especially electricity production, has got back on its feet, we can talk about the details, such as the ‘Intelligent Energy – Europe’ programme. However, it is not worth spending a lot on this either. Unfortunately only 2% of citizens are able to buy so-called green energy at its real price, so perhaps we should think about the other 98% sometimes. Unfortunately, it seems I was talking about atomic power plant construction all in vain; China has already made plans for them 20 years in advance. In other words, if this is how we are going to continue, sooner or later Europe will become an open-air museum where we use candles for lighting."@en1

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