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"The last Transport White Paper published by the Commission in 2001 set out the framework and scope of activities in the sector for the next 10 years. The EU’s transport strategy is, to a large extent, based on the factors jointly developed therein. It is vital that the recently drafted White Paper fully meets the needs of the sector whilst identifying emerging trends and needs. It should be stressed that transport is very important for EU citizens since it defines their idea of mobility. EU citizens derive direct benefits from it because it allows them to move about according to the needs arising from their private and professional life. We should remember that this is also one of Europe’s freedoms, namely, freedom of movement. The rapporteur rightly supports the long-term goals but nevertheless points out that one cannot predict what new technologies will be developed or what economic situation we will have to face in future, bearing in mind the current crisis. Another interesting question relates to the challenges which European transport policy will have to face between now and 2050. I consider it legitimate to determine common strategies for all policy areas that could be realised by 2020. They should nevertheless be subject to annual audits."@en1

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