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"Madam President, strengthening the regional dimensions of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) is one of the European Union’s priorities in the coming years. Further strengthening of both of the regional dimensions of the ENP, namely the southern dimension and the eastern dimension, should constitute an integral part of the central policy itself and should proceed while maintaining a proper balance between the two dimensions. The adoption of the Euro-Mediterranean strategy for energy efficiency, the promotion of Euro-Mediterranean interconnections in the electricity, gas and crude oil sectors, the development of a low-emission economy, effective waste management and nuclear safety are further elements of an intensified dialogue for the increased security of energy supply. The European Union should undoubtedly engage in building closer cooperation in the field of research, development and education in order to create a common area of knowledge and innovation. The European Commission’s decision to allocate additional funding to the European Neighbourhood Policy seems fully justified. This support should be given to meet the needs of reform leaders and should be conditional on tangible progress and ambitions to move closer towards the European Union."@en1

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