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"Mr President, Mr Van Rompuy, Mr Barroso, the European Union is a Community based on law, and therefore form cannot be separated from substance: form is substance! That means that using an intergovernmental treaty as the basis for a fiscal compact is legally and technically quite a complex operation, or indeed an impossible one in practice. The comparison with Schengen and Prüm is not valid, because those areas were not governed by the Treaties. The fact is that we have reached this point because the premise was wrong; in other words, the Treaties could and should have been overhauled. We now have to find a way out, avoid the risk of renationalising Union competences, preserve the EU’s legal system, avoid duplications and, of course, correct an economic policy that is both wrong and inadequate. This House will watch carefully, ready to play its part in sorting out this incredible mess, by putting the process started at the European Council back on the rails of EU law, which are the only possible foundations on which a true fiscal union can be built."@en1

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