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"Madam President, it is 20 years since Croatia declared its independence, following a 95% backing in a referendum, and it fought to defend that independence, its territory and its people. Many died and were seriously wounded in defence of those interests. It is tragic that Croatia is now about to sign away that independence to the European Union. To ensure its entry, Croatia had to pass quantities of legislation enforcing social liberalism, hand its generals over to the International Criminal Court, as though they were sacrifices to a jealous god, and sign up to economic liberalism that will prevent its government from defending the jobs of its people. That the Treaty will be signed before the people have spoken in the referendum shows a contempt for democracy, a contempt for the Croatian people and especially a contempt for those who died in Croatia’s war of independence. The Government of Croatia is not content to have used – or rather misused – public funds to pay for propaganda dressed up as information to skew the result of the referendum. It is treating the referendum result as though it were a mere formality. But of course, if there should be a ‘no’ vote, there can always be another referendum, and another, and another, until they get the right answer. That is the European Union way."@en1

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