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"Madam President, I would also like to thank the rapporteur for having taken over this work from Ms Svensson, who I also miss very dearly at Parliament, because of the very good work she has been doing. I hope the report will continue in the same manner with you, Mr Gustafsson, and thank you for what you have said. I very much appreciate what you said about the work having to begin at home. I remember when I came to Parliament, and to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, I realised there were only men on the presidency of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. I thought to myself, ‘where am I?’, because I had been working in foreign affairs in the Austrian Parliament for a long time and I very often was the only women. However, given that gender mainstreaming has been such an important issue at Parliament and at EU level for such a long time, we really have to start here to make sure that delegations are led by women and men in equal numbers. If we go to different parts of the world, be it neighbourhood countries or other continents, what example do we want to set? One where men still rule everything, or one where women are important? So, I very much appreciate the work of the rapporteur, and I hope and I trust as well in the presidency of Parliament and at all levels, even in our own Groups, that this work will continue and the plan that is being proposed will be put into practice, because we need to set a good example ourselves."@de2

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