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"Madam President, I would also like to commend and thank Mr Lisek for his report. It is a very good report, reflecting good cooperation with the various Groups. For our part, the Greens supported the report in the Committee on Foreign Affairs and we will support it again tomorrow. I would like to highlight one issue that I find important. While I am, and have been, critical and have claimed that Russia is responsible for occupying territories which are an integral territorial part of Georgia, nevertheless we have to look into exactly what happened in 2008. The Tagliavini International Commission report is one that we have amendments to, and we want to include reference to that in the report. Georgia also needs to show more cooperation with the International Criminal Court. I have here – and I have sent it to some of my colleagues today – a report by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee which clearly states that the Georgian authorities must pay more attention to what happened in the period before and after the activities and the war of 2008, and that they are at least – and I quote – both ‘partly unable and partly unwilling to conduct an effective investigation into international crimes allegedly committed during and after the August 2008 war’. Condoleezza Rice is quoted in yesterday’s newspapers in Georgia as saying that Georgian President Saakashvili ‘alienated potential NATO allies in 2008 by letting the Russians provoke him into starting a war over South Ossetia’. I do not know exactly what happened, but it has to be investigated. Georgia also needs to be cooperative when it comes to war crimes and to allegations of human rights violations."@de2

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