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"Madam President, any sane person whose house is on fire is not going to go watering the walnut sapling in his garden hoping that it will maybe produce a yield in 15 years’ time, but will use all the water at his disposal to put out the flames. Scientists of international renown in the field of energy have been warning us for years that our planet is running out of hydrocarbon and carbon reserves, and that this will lead to a global energy crisis within ten years, the effects of which can unfortunately be felt already now. Sensible Greens also know that the only way out of this situation is to immediately accelerate the construction of third generation nuclear power plants that are currently the subject of investments, to restart deactivated reactors, and then to widely spread the application of environmentally friendly fourth generation breeder reactor and molten salt plants as soon as possible, so that we can produce electricity without having to burn carbon and hydrocarbons. This would at once solve the issue of hydrocarbon emissions as well. Ladies and gentlemen, already now we are late by 10-15 years. That is why we need training, too, to focus on immediately preparing experts for the operation of plants, rather than for their decommissioning, as there is a massive shortage of the former. Furthermore, fourth generation research must be immensely accelerated without delay. We could reallocate the resources for this from research into fusion, because the latter makes as much sense today as watering the sapling instead of extinguishing the flames. Thank you for your attention."@en1

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