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"Mr President, I very much agree with the colleagues who have spoken already. Cluster munitions are one of the cruelest weapons. Imagine a child going around, picking up one of the colourful bomblets which explodes, thereby hurting them, taking away part of their body and leaving them severely injured. One-third of the victims are children. 60% of casualties get injured while undertaking normal activities – as recently happened in Libya, as some of us have said already. Many of us – parliamentarians, civil society and victims’ organisations – have struggled to get the Oslo Convention on Cluster Munitions signed in 2008. This ban on cluster munitions is in danger at the moment. Right now in Geneva, at the UN Review Conference on Certain Conventional Weapons, some non-signatories want to water down the Convention via Protocol VI and they want to water down humanitarian law and humanitarian international law. We cannot and will not let that happen. I would like to thank the Commissioner and also the High Representative – our Foreign Minister – for the very clear words she has said today. I would also like to thank all my colleagues in the five Groups who have agreed on a very good resolution. We have had very close cooperation. I am convinced that the united voice of the European Parliament, together with our Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton, will be heard in Geneva by EU Member States – those who have signed and ratified the Convention and also those who have not yet signed – and by others who defend the struggle against this cruel weapon."@de2

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