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"The final draft agenda, as drawn up pursuant to Rules 137 and 138 of the Rules of Procedure by the Conference of Presidents at its meeting of Thursday, 10 November 2011, has been distributed. The following changes have been proposed: Two changes have been introduced: The first change has been agreed with all the political groups: the Commission’s statement on the contribution of the common fisheries policy to the production of public goods has been removed from the agenda. The second change has also been agreed with all the political groups: as regards the Fleckenstein report on the European Maritime Safety Agency, the vote on which is currently scheduled for Thursday, the political groups have agreed that this item should not be put to vote during this part-session but at the part-session on 30 November and 1 December. This item will therefore be voted on two weeks later. This has been agreed by all the political groups. : All political groups have agreed on the following order of business for Wednesday afternoon: Item 1: Statement on the EU-US Summit Item 2: Oral questions concerning the open Internet Item 3: Oral questions concerning the Roma Item 4: Statement on banning cluster munitions Item 5: Oral questions concerning VAT legislation and the digital market The remaining items on the order of business for Wednesday, including Wednesday morning, remain unchanged."@en1

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