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"Mr President, I welcome this report into the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. In Northern Ireland, my constituency, recent figures show us that 18% of all children on the child protection register are in a category that includes sexual abuse. It is therefore vital that we enhance the protection of these children, especially in the face of new challenges posed by global communications which transcend national boundaries. With more children having access to the Internet and social networking sites, it has become easier for sex offenders to prey on their young victims. In the United Kingdom Internet service providers such as BT are active in helping to combat the issue of online child exploitation by voluntarily blocking inappropriate sites. Although this is a step in the right direction, it must be highlighted that many of these sites are hosted outside of Member States and cannot be taken down. I would like to see agreements in place that target such websites on a global scale. This is an area where Member States can, and must, act for the common good. Whilst we discuss the current threats facing children as a result of ever-evolving channels of communication, I would also like to remind this House of the many children, now adults, across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, who have been the victims of horrific historical, clerical and institutional child abuse stretching back many decades. Just last month an inquiry into historical institutional abuse was launched in Northern Ireland. For these victims of child sex abuse, their issues are as real today as when they first happened, and we must support them too."@en1

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