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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, even though it is too early for a conclusive assessment, it is difficult to escape the impression that this Semester is producing weak coordination and inadequate democratic legitimacy. The two things are linked because without full democratic legitimacy, the Semester runs the risk of being more a bureaucratic exercise than a coordination of substance. This limitation certainly relates to the crucial issue of the Union’s competences and Parliament’s prerogatives, which should lie at the very heart of any Treaty reform, which would otherwise be pointless or harmful. This limitation also highlights a problem of effective political will to make immediate use of all the instruments offered by the Treaty in order to strengthen coordination and give Parliament a greater role. Then there is a problem of content. A reading of the Council’s recommendations shows an obvious limitation in the line of economic politics that inspired them: deficit reduction and development of the internal market are necessary but not sufficient conditions for tackling the crisis, and unless there is a major investment plan, they are liable to trigger a vicious circle that may bring us to collapse. The political line of the Semester therefore needs to be the subject of a genuine political debate, which can only take place in the context of the discussions between Parliament and the Council."@en1

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