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"Madam President, there are many positive aspects to this report but I am afraid I was unable to support it for a number of reasons. Chief among them was paragraph 10, which calls for a standard harmonised or reduced VAT rate on all intra-EU cross-border travel, regardless of the mode of transport, and for harmonised rules on VAT deductibility. Derogations are an important element of the VAT Directive as they give Member States the necessary flexibility to address specific issues, and the continuing exemption on transport is vital for an island nation like Ireland. The cost of access for goods, and indeed for people, matter hugely to our economy and to ordinary individuals, so I think Member States need to have flexibility in shaping tax policies in order to meet their individual needs, and access to and from an island nation is certainly central to this. In regard to the continuing availability of zero and reduced VAT rates, that is an important issue for Ireland. But finally, I want to say that I fully support the reduction of red tape and fraud that this very good report otherwise deals with."@en1

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