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"Mr President, would you not agree that the treaties already allow for closer integration in the euro area and that therefore it is not necessary, and indeed would be counter-productive, to achieve it outside the EU institutions, as the current governments of France and Germany seem to be aiming for? In particular, would you not agree that Article 136 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union makes it possible to adopt legislative measures for the euro area within the scope of the economic policy competences given to the EU by the treaties? Secondly, would you not agree that Article 352 makes it possible to strengthen the powers of the existing institutions in order to reach the objectives set out by the treaties? Lastly, is it not the case that Protocol No 14 does not forbid the Eurogroup Heads of State or Government from meeting without having to create another institution, and therefore that it would be unreasonable for the President of another institution – the European Council – to preside over this expanded Eurogroup? Therefore, would you not agree that achieving euro area integration within or outside the treaties is a problem of political will and not of legal barriers?"@en1

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