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"Despite the measures taken by the individual Member States, the number of victims of road-traffic accidents in Europe is still too high. By approving the report by Mr Koch – which contains more than 100 suggestions on how to ensure effective road safety – Parliament is adopting a resolution in response to the Commission communication of 2010, which appeals to this House to put forward an even more ambitious action programme. We shall need to improve the deployment of road signs, as well as infrastructure and vehicle safety and information exchange. Above all, however, we shall need to move towards harmonising legislation on the subject, for example, by reducing the speed limit in residential areas to 30 km/h and banning new drivers and those driving with passengers from drinking alcohol. This is the only way that it will be possible to halve the number of victims and reduce the number of injuries by 2020. We therefore expect the Commission to produce a new plan that follows Parliament’s suggestions by the end of the year. Road safety must be a priority for Europe."@en1

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