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"Mr President, I support a lot of what is in this report on global food security. I think it is very important to remember that, as technology and innovation leap forward, we sometimes lose sight of the basics. Of course, one of the basics that we need to remember is our need for food or food security, not just in developing countries but in the EU as well. One of the issues that we face at a global level is the financial speculation and trade in agricultural commodities. This simply worsens volatility; it means, at the end of the day, that many people go hungry. We also need to ensure greater transparency in the food chain to ensure a fair revenue for farmers. The primary producers are being squeezed; their share of the cake is getting smaller, and that cannot continue. My final comment – and, I think, a very important one – is that the right to food must always take precedence over energy security. In many countries, but particularly in Africa, food security is being jeopardised by the development of agrofuels. We in the EU often clap ourselves on the back about our alternative energy targets, but we must recognise the price that others may pay for the targets that we set."@en1

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