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"Mr President, I have two questions. My first question is for Commissioner De Gucht. There are still extremely disturbing reports coming from Colombia in relation to the human rights situation in the country’s regions. Human rights activists, lawyers and trade unionists are still being murdered in Colombia. I would think that, before we move on to ratifying the free trade agreement with Colombia, we would first need to see real improvements in this regard. Despite the promises of President Santos, with whom we spoke last year – or at least some of us did – the situation has still not really improved significantly. I would like to hear a word from you on this – an undertaking might suffice. My other question is for Commissioner Georgieva and concerns linking relief, rehabilitation and development. I would appreciate it if you could explain to us how you see the improvement in this essential linking up of emergency relief and development policy at this point. Perhaps Commissioner Piebalgs might also have something to say in this connection, you never know."@en1

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