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"Madam President, I am speaking today on behalf of Andrzej Grzyb, the rapporteur for the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy on the new trade policy for Europe. Mr Grzyb has drawn special attention to the need for equal access to new markets for enterprises both within and outside the EU, and has stressed, in particular, that EU enterprises should have access to foreign public procurement markets. The opinion also emphasises the strategic importance of access to global raw materials and energy resources in order to sustain European security. This access should be guaranteed by appropriate international EU agreements. The opening up of markets should ensure that there is no adverse impact on the competitiveness of EU enterprises and should protect them against unfair competition. The solutions adopted should also eliminate pressure on these entities to move their business activities outside of the EU internal market. These issues are of specific importance to small and medium-sized enterprises, which are at particular risk of unfair practices and for which opportunities must be created to enable them to develop and compete in the global market. I am pleased that most of these proposals have been included in Mr Caspary’s report."@en1

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