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"The subject of road traffic safety is particularly important even from our point of view, as we travel the length and breadth of Europe every week to sittings in Strasbourg and parliamentary work in Brussels. I believe that the report is generally correct in pointing out the need to reduce the number of traffic fatalities by adopting Vision Zero. Nevertheless, there are measures contained in the report which may cause controversy, such as the fitting of equipment which would check drivers’ blood alcohol levels before they set out in their cars. However, I feel more positive about the proposals for the emergency services to be given additional training to help road traffic casualties, for the harmonisation and implementation of provisions, for the creation of a road infrastructure geared principally towards user safety and for the protection of vulnerable road users. Therefore I think that we should spend more time creating a common vision in the field of road user safety in Europe, while trying to maintain a measure of rationality."@en1

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