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"Madam President, Commissioner, the agreement between the EU and the Palestinian Authority comes at a very important and highly symbolic moment when we are dealing with the issue of Palestinian statehood. Regardless of whether the Palestinian people obtain their legitimate statehood in the coming months or some time later, the state of their economy will be a crucial factor which will determine whether there can be sustainable peace between Palestine and Israel. For it is naive to expect that the population will be peaceful and law-abiding when most of its people do not have bread on their table and their children must live in poverty. Currently, the level of trade between the EU and the Palestinian Territories is extremely low. We can therefore expect that the agreement we are discussing today and will be voting on tomorrow will have a substantial impact on the Palestinian economy. However, we should also think about other ways to increase our bilateral trade, especially by improving the conditions of market access for Palestinian exports to the EU. This would certainly be beneficial to all parties concerned. Madam President, allow me on a final note to mention that while we are about to approve a trade agreement with the Palestinian Authority, for more than a year Parliament has been keeping on hold an agreement on conformity assessment and acceptance of industrial products (ACAA) between the EU and Israel. We will be granting trade preferences to the Palestinian territories, parts of which are ruled by a terrorist organisation, Hamas, but at the same time we are blocking a technical agreement with Israel, which is not acceptable at all. This shameful discrimination in some political groups in this House has absolutely no justification."@lt2

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