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"Madam President, to begin with, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the rapporteur for attempting to work out a mutual compromise. The European Parliament has agreed to consolidate all EU financial instruments for scientific research and innovation so that in future planning will cover all common strategic frameworks. I agree that this solution will contribute not only to a strengthening of European competitiveness on the international stage, but will also help considerably in simplifying and speeding up the grant application process for beneficiaries. At the same time, we can see considerable differences between the Member States, which can be seen primarily in the different levels of expenditure on research and innovation and in the different levels of access to scientific infrastructure. Please note that line which marks this very clear contrast runs between the Member States which were part of what is called the old EU and the new Member States. The application of a standardised set of administrative, financial, organisational and information procedures, and forcing the harmonisation of principles and conditions of participation in various programmes to create a common and transparent system in the framework of the European research space is in the interest of all Member States. It should also be added that the proposal to improve the representation of some Member States at European level by trying to make use of the potential of all areas of the EU seems to be fully justified, in that it will eliminate the threat of fragmentation and strengthen the principles of excellence in criteria such as the effect on integration, cost-effectiveness and fair pay. I support the need for maintaining an open system of cross-border scientific cooperation, but I consider the issue of the framework programme’s budget as a matter for open debate."@en1

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