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"Mr President, we all share in the sorrow, anger and dismay at such a futile act of mass murder. May I express my sympathy, and the sympathy of my constituents, with the people of Norway in this tragedy? Sadly, in Northern Ireland, we know the horror of terrorism only too well. That this terrorism should be directed at young people is particularly horrifying. Many eminent people have been quoted here today, many statesmen, writers, politicians. I think, as probably the last speaker in this round, it would be appropriate if I take you to the words of one young survivor, who explained in her blog how she rushed through the bushes and the rocks to escape the killer: ‘I can't even shed a tear’, she wrote, ‘I can't believe it. Today I almost died. We don't deserve to die and that is also why I am writing this post. We are just ordinary people. We are involved in politics. We want to make the world a better place’. Mr President, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Norway at this time of grief. In this House, we come from all shades of political opinion. While many of us find the politics of the far right sickening, by standing together as democrats we can ensure that terror and violence will never prevail."@en1

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