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"Mr President, there is a new mood in Strasbourg today, and during your speech, Mr Barroso, there was an all pervading sense of gloom. I saw for the first time even your own supporters shaking their heads. They do not believe in what you are saying. The European people do not believe in what you are saying, and I do not really think even you now believe in what you are saying. Because we all know that Greece is going to default. The end game for Greece is near. And you cannot say you were not warned. You were told the Treaties were fatally flawed. You were all told that Greece should never have joined the euro. And when I stood up here five years ago and talked about Greek bond spreads you treated me with such utter derision, it was as if I had been led out of the local lunatic asylum. No, you have been warned all the way through. So now what you have got is economic governance, and everybody here in this front row supports more European economic governance. What is European economic governance? I will tell you what it is: it is a plane landing in Athens airport out of which get an official from the Commission, an official from the European Central Bank and an official from the appalling IMF, and those three people – the troika you call them – go in, they meet the Greek Government and they tell the Greek Government what they may or may not do. You have killed democracy in Greece. You have three part-time overseas dictators that now tell the Greek people what they can and cannot do. It is totally unacceptable. Is it any wonder that Greek people are now burning EU flags and drawing swastikas across them? Frankly, unless Greece is allowed to get out of this economic and political prison you may well spark a revolution in that country. I suppose there is some good news at least, and that is that in Germany people are waking up; right up to the President people are saying all of this represents the death of democracy. None of this can work, and the German people will simply refuse in the end to pay the bill. Your one achievement is that you have split Europe between north and south. The Greeks now badmouth the Germans; the Germans badmouth the Greeks. I have one last plea, Mr Barroso: will you please help Greece? Help it to get its currency back. Help it to reschedule its debts. Help it out of the mess that you have put it into. Your policies have failed. Stand up, be a man, admit it."@en1

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