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"Madam President, first of all, I would like to thank Mrs Ashton for the letter she sent me recently concerning my 11 May speech. In connection with the Russian elections to be held on 4 December, I would definitely like to emphasise the importance of creating the status of a European Union election observer. I, myself – at the invitation of the ‘Civil Control’ social organisation – participated at the regional elections as an observer in March of this year. On this occasion, I was able to speak with Viktor Churov, the President of the Russian Election Committee, who informed me that currently, there is no agreement between the two countries about sending election observers. This is why I find it particularly important that OSCE negotiations be concluded successfully, and that representatives of the European Parliament also be able to participate officially in Russian elections. This is what I ask of Mr Fleckenstein, Chair of the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, that in September, at the next committee meeting in Warsaw, we definitely raise this issue with the Russian negotiation partner."@en1

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