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"Madam President, the stealthy harmonisation of social security across Europe has been one of the great unreported stories of recent months. It has happened not as the result of a decision of this House or of any of the national legislatures. It has been driven, rather, by creative interpretation on the Commission’s part and judicial activism by the European Court of Justice. The European Treaties provide for free movement and settlement where the person moving is able to support himself, either from a pension or by working in the host country, but a series of recent cases has undermined the basis of that agreement. We have had the case of a Portuguese national who worked in Germany and is claiming German benefits on his return to Portugal, and we have Dutch nationals who are denied Dutch benefits when they move abroad, whereas foreign nationals continue to claim them if they have been in Holland. We have a similar case in Britain: a pensioner from one of the Baltic States who is claiming supplementary benefits because her Baltic pension is not enough to support her. The point is not just that this attacks the basis of national statehood, which is discrimination on the basis of nationality. I do not expect much sympathy when I say that in this House, but surely those on the Left will also understand that it breaks the social compact on which the whole post-war welfare system is based, because you cannot ask people to pay into a system if anyone else is then able to arrive and claim from it without having paid a penny into it."@en1

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