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"Mr President, Commissioner, Mr Grabarczyk, in the European Parliament we agree that it is necessary to promote road safety in Europe. The directive on cross-border enforcement represents significant progress in terms of improving this latter. I believe that the directive should impose greater obligations on the Member States to provide information, and include a reference to the need for appropriate and correct information for drivers on the regulations which are in force. We should at long last carry out a review of enforcement procedures and harmonise road traffic regulations and the procedures for checks. To this end, cross-border enforcement should be guaranteed on the basis of an efficient exchange of information between Member States. One of the ways to achieve this is by creating an electronic network for the exchange of data, by means of which it will be possible to establish the identity of vehicle owners, and thus of those guilty of road traffic offences. I would like to note that, in my opinion, the legal instruments outlined in the report relating to the security of data which has been obtained are sufficient. The directive is extremely important as it covers very serious road traffic offences, such as those which have already been mentioned several times today. Tomorrow’s vote may open the way to an agreement at second reading, on the basis of which amendments to the legal basis for the directive will be agreed. The provisions of the directive may thus be in force in the Member States 24 months after its publication."@en1

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