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"Madam President, I would like to thank the rapporteur. Consumers have the right to expect information given on food labels to be correct and not misleading. Nutritional information is important to the consumer and the quality standard with which the food complies is important for consumer choice and for consumer safety. All of these are good things to have emerged from the report. However, I want to highlight one particular area where I have concerns. That is any potential change in country-of-origin labelling. While having sympathy with the concept, I have reservations as to the potential impact on trade. In Northern Ireland, local business has already seen how something like country-of-origin labelling could and can be used as a protectionist measure. This has had a negative impact on trade in Northern Ireland, and producers and processors have suffered as a result. I know that this is a matter of concern for the Member States which have voiced that concern at Council level. I would urge the Commission to carry out an impact assessment to investigate any proposed labelling legislation, particularly in relation to country-of-origin labelling."@en1

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